Friday, July 31, 2015

HE'S HOME!!!!!

Waiting and Waiting....

Walking to get some Regina's Pizza!!!!


Going the Distance

It's a strange feeling to be close to the end and feel excitement to see everybody again and sadness to be leaving the mission. The fourth of July didn't feel like the fourth of July without fireworks and a barbaque...
above São Paulo
Luiz, Fatima and Julia
We found a SUPER special family this week that lives next door to our bishop. They accepted easily the invitation to go to church and we planned specially so that they would have a great experience with people already planned and advised to greet them at the door and accompany them during the sunday meetings. We went there again last night and they expressed that they had an amazing experience and that they want to keep going and prepare for baptism in the next month. It pained me to mark baptismal dates of such a special family and know that I won't be here to see it.

Piko de Jaraguá
Zone Leader and a wild one!
We went on a hike as a zone this week to a spot that you can see all of São Paulo from the top. IT'S HUGE!!! It was wild to see in one direction lots of green and in the other direction so many buildings and think that at one time all of that was green as well and that it didn"t use to have all that smog...
We had a good time joking around with the monkeys that came right up close to us, they had no fear.

on a bus
We had a cool experience seeing a family start to return to activity in the church. A few weeks ago we grabbed a list of part-member families to go visit in the ward and met the Moreira Family. We were only able to talk to Brother Moreira and his children during the visits that we went there. He expressed his concerns of why they weren't going to church but we could see that he wanted to be there with his family. After some invitations he didn't confirm that he would go to church but we said that we hoped to see him there. After 2 weeks that we were unable to visit them he appeared at church with his daughter! It was such a great feeling of joy to be able to see him there. I nearly jumped out of my seat to run up to him when I saw him walk in the door. It was a cool experience.
I look forward to seeing you all very soon. I'm not sure if I'll be sending email again before I get back to the states because next Monday we will have some self-sufficiency training.
Have a great week!!
See you soon!
Elder DP

Hurrah for Israel!!!

We had a good week as always. An exchange with our district leader, a day of visits with the ward and a baptism kept things interesting.

We had a cool baptism this week where a good number of members went to support Nandhara and her family. We met Nandhara a few weeks ago when we left a message with her Dad to have him think about who he could indicate for us to teach and he mentioned his teen daughter that lives in another house but had shown interest recently to go to church. It was clear to us that she had already been prepared by the Lord over the years and a few weeks later she was baptized. Lots of youth were there to support her and the Relief Society President even made a cake :)

Mutirão de visitas
We coordinated a big project this week to do a Blitz with the ward to go visit as many of the Recent Converts from the last two years as we could to see what we could do to help them keep progressing in the gospel. We went out with 4 different companionships and managed to visit a good number of people and everybody had cool experiences. I went with a couple in our ward and we went to several homes but the coolest was a couple that was baptized and shortly after the husband became sick and couldn't go to church anymore. With our visit we were able to help them and they committed to start going to church again now that he's feeling better.

Finishing strong here, I'll be seein' y'all in a bit :)
Até mais!
Elder DP

Monday, June 22, 2015

Perseverar até o fim!! [Enduring to the end]

Saying good bye to a family of recent converts
that moved to a near-by ward that I served in recently.
Hey y'all!!
Another good week! Lots of great stuff!
Os Barracos [The Shacks]
Thank you all for your prayers on behalf of some of the families that are members of the church that were going to be taken out of their homes this week. After quite a bit of excitement they were given more time to find a place to stay. One family already moved to the last ward I was in so it's good to know that they'll be in good hands with some good missionaries that I know there.

What's a selfie-stick?

The Sunday before this one was stake conference and so nobody that was baptized that week was confirmed and so this week was cool because there were 6 confirmations all on the same day. This ward is growing a LOT! There is so much work to be done here!
We also had a good time going to a member's place this morning with the other Elders to eat pancakes, I'll attatch some pics.

Have a great week y'all,
See you soon!
Elder DP

Monday, June 15, 2015

A Full Week!

Yet another action packed week here in São Paulo! We had interviews with presidente, I got to do a few baptismal interviews again, we had a mission conference with Elder Schmiel (an área seventy) and we had stake conference with our mission president and another area seventy present. It was cool to have so many learning experiences with these great men.

Tereza was baptized this week! Before her granddaughter's baptism last week she was saying that she only wanted to be baptized at the end of the year. After the baptism her granddaughter had such a great experience that she decided to be baptized this week with five other people from all the wards in our stake. It was a really cool baptismal service.

Os Barracos
This week we got some bad News for many of the recent converts in our Ward. A small community found out thursday that they will have to evacuate their homes by tomorrow when a bulldozer will come in and level their homes. It's a complicated story but in the end please include them in your prayers because there are more than 30 members of the church living within this community, several being our recent converts. Keep them in your prayers please!

Purification Project
Our mission president gave us a new challenge so that we can be more worthy of the spirit and teach with greater authority. He taught us a lot about the enabeling power of the atonement so that we can make changes from good to better. The challenge is called the "Purification Project" where we are suposed to fast for 24 hours and write down all the things that could drive away the spirit in any manner. After the fast and writing the list we are supposed to promise the Lord that for the next 45 days we will fast from doing those things (not do them). Obviously we won't be perfect but each day we are supposed to Wake up and pray and promise that we will obey and ask for the strength to overcome, and every night review the day and see what we were able to overcome and what we didn't manage to. I'm really excited for the challenge, I've already got a good list to improve on!

Hope you all have a great week,
see you soon!
Elder DP

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Brasilândia Miracles weekly

One more week, one less week. It's amazing how entering into my last transfer of the mission is such a whirlwind of emotions. Excitement to see my Family but sadness to be leaving the mission. The good thing is that all the emotions are a better reason to finish Strong!! We're having tons of miracles here and I'm sure they'll keep coming.

New Converts
This week we had the baptism of Amanda which was really cool. When we knocked her door her grandma tried to make excuses for us not to come back and she came to the door and kept taking away all her excuses. After the first lesson we got back and she had already read 14 chapters in the Book of Mormon!! Her baptism was cool because she was super prepared to receive the gospel. She already lived many of the gospel principles, she even already fasts!

We're doing a huge Project to visit all of the recent converts from the last 2 years in this Ward because there are a lot that are less active. We met one Family that received us really well and accepted easily the invitation to go back to church. It seemed as though they were just waiting for the invitation to go back to church. They went to church and one of the members of the Family even went up and bore her testimony.

Pure Love of Christ
I got to see a miracle this week in sacrament. A less-active member walked in a few minutes late after not having gone to church in a few weeks. One of the members behind us yet out what was nearly a yelp and ran the isle to give him a huge hug and welcome him back. It was cool to see that kind of love.

Hope you all enjoy the stories and have a great week!

Elder Della-Piana

Monday, June 1, 2015

We Broke the Transfer Streak!!!!

Transfer call number 16 is in and.... WE STAYED!!
For the first time in Brazil I will be staying with a companion for two transfers. Elder Caldas will be my last companion and I'll finish the mission in Brasilândia. It will be wierd to work as if it were a normal day on transfer day and not have to go to transfer meeting or wait for a new companion. We're excited.

This ward has baptized many people in the last two years but unfortunately many of these recent converts have fallen away from the church. This week we organized the list of recent converts and began the process of visiting each one, which will be a large task to say the least. We're planning a big group exchange with the ward to go out with 6 different companionships to go visit all these people all on the same day this month and so we're excited to go about that.
We already had some cool miracles with reactivation in this area. We baptized three young men whose sister was already baptized and she began to return to church and is preparing to go on a mission! We're excited about all the miracles that the Lord is performing here in our area.
Well yesterday I lost my daily planner and now I realize how lost I am without it because I feel like I don't remember anything that I did this week hahaha. I guess I really am getting old...
The church has a really cool biography for Elder L. Tom Perry who passed away this weekend. I recomend it to anybody that wants to be inspired: Elder Perry's Biography

Have another great week!

Elder Della-Piana

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Sao Paulo Temple and Dessert Activity

Sao Paulo Temple with my companion Elder Caldas
Well we're headed into the last week of the transfer but it's pretty much a done deal that I'll stay here with Elder Caldas and break my transfers streak of being transferred every time. It has been a great few weeks, we've been really blessed in this area. The Lord is truly hastening his work.

Sao Paulo Temple: My comp; companionship that lives
with us; Elder Faimalo (a samoan from Texas)
and Elder Friedrich (a Brazilian from Rio Grande do Sul)
Lunch with President after the temple
So I got to go the the São Paulo temple this week for the first time. It is a really beautiful place. It was cool to be there in a temple that is in the middle of such a huge city and go into a place that is so calm and quiet. It was fun as well because our zone got to go to an all-you-

The Desserts
can-eat Brazilian barbecue after with President because we won the competition last month between the Zones. Needless to say, 14 Elders just about made the place go broke haha. I also drank root beer for the first time in a year and a half because we found a place that sells it close by the temple.
"Do you love your neighbor?"
Dessert Activity
Well I think I mentioned last transfer a ward activity we put on in my other ward with a ton of desserts and such. It was so much fun that we decided to throw the same party here in this ward. It was a huge hit. It started off slow because everybody got there late but we played "Do you love your neighbor?" and everybody had a riot and then ate way to many desserts. We had the visitors be the judges and it was cool because they didn't know beforehand but they totally had the style to be judges on a tv show or something. It was a riot.

Isabel's baptism
This week Isabel was baptized and it was really cool (as always). Several of her daughters and grand daughters  went to support her. Her story is really special. She prayed a few weeks ago so that God would show her a path for her to follow and the next day she prayed again so that he would send an angel to guide her. Just a little while later we knocked on her door and she let us in very willingly. When we taught her about the Spirit and asked her when she had felt that way in her life she said "I felt it when my children were born, when God was by my side when my Husband went through cancer and I feel it right now, I know that God sent you guys here because I asked him to." It was truly a humbling experience. It was also an answer to our prayers because when we got here to open up the area we set some high goals and we had a special dedicatory prayer to accomplish those goals. In that prayer we asked the Lord to send angels to prepare the hearts of the people to receive us and our message and to give them clear answers to their prayers. There are truly many people in the whole world that are who "are only kept from the truth because they know not where to find it" (D&C 123:12)

Well as always, it was another great week to be a missionary. We played (American) Football today as well with some other companionships that live close to us at a turf field in front of their house which was a good time. It was quite the riot teaching the Brazilians all the rules but we had a goot time. It had been a long time since the last time I had "Turf Burn" but it feels good.
Have a great week!
See you soon!
Elder DP

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Happy Mother's Day!!!

The new area from the Bishop's place
What a blessing to be able to talk to the Family yesterday! It's crazy to think that next time I see them it will be in person!

We had an amazing week this week. Really full of miracles!!

Adriana, Ana and Pedro
Adriana, Ana and Pedro
This awesome family was baptized this weekend and is seriously one of the most prepared families I know to meet the gospel. They were the first Family that Elder Caldas taught on his mission. We arrived here in the area and went to a member's home the first night and Pedro was there playing with the other boys. The member said that Pedro had already been to church and so we asked him to take us to teach his family. We got there and his mom had had an amazing spiritual experience the day before and was looking for the path the Lord wanted her to follow and they readily accepted baptism. Later we found out that her mom was a member of the church before she passed away. It's amazing how the Lord prepares people.

Elder DP making pancakes for the zone.
We also had zone conference this week and focused on helping people solve their problems. Sister Farnes made Lion House bread rolls and so that was a huge highlight.

Hope everybody has a great week!!

Elder DP

Monday, May 11, 2015

Wattap Brasilândia!!

So my new companion is Elder Caldas from Fortaleza, Ceará in northeastern Brazil. He comes from a great family and was a professional "HandBall" champion before the mission. I didn't really know what handball was when he said it but it sounds like basketball but throwing the ball at a goal instead of shooting it at a hoop. We're both really excited and we have some high goals for the next 10 weeks.

Irmão Djalmo - helped us a TON this weekend 
- completely willing to give us rides for 
everything that we needed.

Opening an area is always a crazy experience. You may recall the last time I opened an area our bishop had to go pick us up because they burned the bus we were supposed to catch. This time the member from another ward that was supposed to take our bags home took off without us and without our bags. Luckily the area is close and I'd already dropped off my bags before transfers with a member from my last ward but we had to catch a ride with members headed in a different direction to get close enough to the area for our ward mission leader to go pick us up haha, welcome to the mission greenie!

General Authorities fo' dayz!
So this week we had two great conferences with general authorities. The first was Friday when we had a mission conference with our mission and the São Paulo East mission with Elder Aidukaitis of the Area Presidency and Elder L. Whitney Cleyton of the Presidency of the Seventy. They shared an amazing conference and we all learned a ton. As always we talked about Baptism, conversion teaching and all that great stuff. He also said that the sisters need to stop being so hard on themselves and that we elders need to be harder on ourselves and expect more! I came away wanting to do everything possible to lengthen my stride and hasten the work.
Reginalda's baptism!
Two of the first converts of the church in São Paulo
- leaders in the São Paulo north stake for years.

We also had a special stake conference with Bishop Gerald Caussé and our mission president just for our stake. It was kind of crazy because my companion and I barely know the path to our ward building and much less how to get to the Stake Center but luckily everything worked out for us and our investigators to make it there safely. Bishop Caussé talked a bunch about the importance of families and basing our families in the principles of the gospel.
We had some AMAZING miracles this week and this was one of the best of all. Reginalda is an amazing woman that has gone through some challenges the last few years. When we knocked on her door this week she said that she was pondering and feeling really down. She had already visited the church a little while back and she was touched by the message of the restored gospel. This Sunday she was baptized after the conference with Bishop Caussé. It was amazing to me to see how humbly and anxiously she accepted the invitation to follow the example of Christ and it inspired me to follow more humbly the Lord's plan in my life. She is already becoming a great missionary and is giving us referrals for us to visit her family and talks about bringing them to church as well!
Well it was a great week and we're super excited here. I think that's one of the biggest secrets to missionary work is staying excited to keep focused and working hard.
Have a great week everybody!
Elder DP


Sunday, May 3, 2015



And the streek continues! Companion number twenty will be........ A GREENIE

That's right, good bye Parada Pinto, hello Brasilândia! Tomorrow afternoon I'll be heading to open a new area with a brand new Elder straight from the MTC! I'll find out tomorrow who it will be. It was a great transfer here with tons of miracles, I'll miss this area, I'm glad I got to come here for my last transfer as ZL.

Pablo and Samuel

Pablo is a great young man that's going to be an excelent missionary. A few weeks ago he brought his Cousin to church and this weekend he got to baptize him! It was cool to see how well he followed up with him, bringing him to activities, reading the book of mormon with him and doing everything possible so that he could be baptized. At first his mom was hesitente to let him be baptized but when we finally got to sit down with her she said that he was so insistant to be baptized that she couldn't keep him from making a good decision to follow God.

Mahari and Family
Mahari was a referral that we got from the Church's site that turned out to be super receptive to the gospel and was baptized this week along with her boyfriends daughter. It was really impressive in the very first visit that we went there she already made the decision to be baptized. She has a very strong desire to start to live a new, clean life. One of the daughters was actually baptized last week but put the white clothes on again to take a picture with her sister as can be seen in the fotos below hahaha

Being a missionary is an interesting experience because we get thrown around so much from ward to ward. It was crazy to make so many new friends and aquaintences in only 6 weeks! It's funny to think that there are just as many great people waiting for me in the next area, both member and non-member that I will be able to work with and bless.

Have a great week everybody!
Um abraço!
Elder DP

We got rained on at the fair when we '
went to buy fruits
 Our Relief Society President's Family whose
 sister lives in the Georgetown ward. Small world.

São Paulo North Zone - Our zone was stacked this transfer
with experienced missionaries, every companionship had
a leadership position - either training, District Leader,
Zone Leader, Sister Training Leader,
Mission Secretary or AP

I tried to hide that I was taking a picture
of this guy while he cut a "Jaca"
which is that huge fruit. It's really good.

This guy wanted me to translate a song he wrote
 and offered to give me a part of the winnings
 when he wins the Grammy Awards .
What a pain I'm getting transferred.

Monday, April 20, 2015

A Week for the Books!

This week was full of fun little adventures that a picture and maybe some acting on my part may be necessary for complete comprehension of some of the following happenings - 

Doing the Hokie Pokie
- This morning an elder said we were getting off the bus but after I and two other missionaries got off we saw that he had stayed on the bus. At the last instant as the bus was about to pull away he called us back on. One missionary jumped on before me and I hopped in after him, the only problem being that the door started to stop and the last missionary was still outside the bus. Over the last 20 months, page 31 of the Missionary handbook created my now innate instinct of never leaving a missionary alone. In the glimmer of an eye I leaped back down the bus steps as the door began shut on me. Fortunately I managed to bust almost all the way through before the doors shut.... The only appendage that didn't make it was my foot which stayed stuck in the bus door. There was no danger because the bus stopped imidiately but there was a good amount of humiliation as I got back on and everybody laughed at the crazy Mormon missionary that had just thrown himself from the bus for some unexplicable craziness.
With our friend and recent convert
Flavio that is going out teaching
with us nearly every day.
This week started off kind of slow on Tuesday afternoon things started to fall through but we decided to go to a referral we had written down from the church's site for referrals for our area. When we got there it turned out to be a less-active member's girlfriend! She expressed her desire to start a new life and is now preparing to be baptized. The next day we met her boyfriend and we found out that his daughter wasn't baptized yet but has already been many times to church in the past. We invited her to be baptized on sunday and yesterday she was baptized! It was a really cool experience and there was a great turnout for her baptism.

Other fun happenings
- While on exchange we saw a man taking a bath in the open sewage drain...
- One of our recent converts has been a little bummed lately because he never has anything to do and stays home all day every day and so we decided to solve the problem taking him out teaching with us nearly every day this week. It was cool because he is still learning a lot of things but we always have him say the prayers and it's always a very simple but sincire prayer for the family we're visiting. It seems like people are even more receptive when we bring him along even though he doesn't say much. 
With Sarah and her family at her baptism this week!

- My companion went to a sealing on Saturday of a family that he baptized at the beginning of his mission. Our mission president didn't want our area to go a day without us working so he had me stay with a "short-term missionary" that came from another area with the other missionary that went to the sealing. It was cool because I actually had already met him when I was in Itu a few months ago and I know his Dad really well. In fact the world is so small that his dad is moving to Utah and will probably be in Ogden, my family's new home town!
- A few weeks ago we did a dessert competition in the ward to integrate investigators and meet other non-members and less-active members and it was such a success that we did a competition with "salgadinhos" which means any sort of snack. Brazilians know how to make great snacks and so it was a huge hit!

"25 de Março"
Yet again another great week. This week is the last week of the transfer so with my luck next week I'll be writing an email about who will by my next companion to keep the streak going haha

Até mais!
Elder DP

Some photos:
- from "25 de Março" - a huge commercial street in São Paulo that we went to for P-Day. As can be seen I had an adventure trying to pass our informations from the week to the Assitants by phone in the middle of that crowd
 - from the ward activity, last time we had the op-out instead of giving the 1st place reward the
Ward Activity - competition with "salgadinhos"
Guaraná won first place but this time it was a 12-way draw for first. Great food and great people

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Parada Pinto

Another action packed week in Parada Pinto. It was funny because last week I received an email from a friend that said they met someone that passed through my area as well several years ago and the only question he had about the area was if the house was still small and smelly. The missionaries have lived in the same house for 15 years but we did some good cleaning this transfer so it's still small but at least not smelly :p

Yet another week full of exchanges. From Thursday afternoon to Saturday evening we did three different exchanges with missionaries for baptismal interviews and training new missionaries. I got to do an exchange with a new missionary from Guatemala called Elder Mac. I got to practice my rusty Spanish a bit and have some cool lessons with him.

Being here in Brazil and working as a missionary is such a special thing. There are so many things that we experience and learn here every day that you have to see to understand or have to be learned rather than taught. 

I've been listening again to several of the talks from General Conference and I think that one of my favorite was Elder Holland's talk where he talks about a boy who saves his brother's life rock climbing and compares that to Christ. 

Have a great week you guys, 
Até Mais,
Elder DP

Pictures this week are us with our recent converts and the chocolate egg they made for us and other pictures from a new area worked in a bit this week that is really humble and made me grateful for what I have when I saw these houses and tried to help the people there to improve their lives.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Apostles, Prophets, Pizza and Baptism

As missionaries General Conference is always really special, and not just because one of the members of the high counsel decided to buy pizza for six humble [and hungry] servants of God [namely the Elders] before the priesthood session. It was nice as well because in stead of one opportunity to bring people to church on the weekend we had FIVE! We had people all lined up to go to nearly all of them. Lots fell through but a few worked out and had great experiences. It was also great to hear so many uplifting messages. We had some other fun events during the week and weekend.

There is a young man that has been coming to church for a little while that wasn't baptized yet and when he saw his friends getting baptized last month he wanted to be baptized as well but his mom didn't let him. Last week we got permission for him to be baptized and we had the baptismal service this week so that his mom could be there. My companion made a banana cake which was a hit among all that were there. 

Members in the work!
The last few weeks a member has wanted us to go visit some of their friends but it kept not working out to go there together. We finally managed to make it over there but we got there and they were in the middle of a party and they were very welcoming. We left a short message and invited them to church and they accepted. The member gave them a ride and they enjoyed general conference and are planning to go again next week. Their teenage daughter has passed through some hard times recently and she didn't want to say the last prayer during the second lesson but we worked her over to do it and she said a very sincire and special prayer and her mom was visibly touched afterwards which was really cool. 

Every week is a great week in the work of the Lord, hope you guys have a great week as well!

Um Abraço,
Elder DP

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Miracles Weekly

With Elder Hunt
Being a missionary is so darn great because you get to participate in so many cool experiences every week! Seriously I can't believe how many cool experiences there were this week I'll try to tell some of the best and send some pictures off.

Exchange #1 - Elder Hunt
So the first exchange this week I got to work with Élder Hunt from Las Vagas here in our area. He is well known in the entire mission not only because of his monstrous biceps but also because the guy never stops smiling. He's an amazing missionary because he's always so darn happy! We had a cool experience where we went to visit some recent converts and they weren't home but another investigators mom was at their house. I had never talked to her but I knew that her son wants to be baptized but she hadn't let him even though he's been going for months. We stopped and talked for a while and by the end of the conversation she signed the paper giving him permission to be baptized next weekend! It was so cool to see the spirit working as she thought the decision through and she told us in the end "There are so many parents that let their kids go out on the town, go to clubs, and do other dangerous things - it's the least I can do to let my son make a good decision instead of a bad one." It was really cool

With Andrezinho
Exchange #2 - Elder J. Lopes
I got to do a baptismal interview on this exchange that was really cool to be a part of. The young man (Andrezinho) came running to the door to answer us when we got there. He's 10 years old and as soon as we sat down he pulled out his Book of Mormon and plead with us to read it with him. He brings it to school and reads it all the time. During the interview he talked in a great way about how much he loves God and wants to see him again someday. I was able to go see his baptism as well which was really cool (picture attached).

Exchange #3 - Elder Dallto
With Elder Mac from Guatemala
This week was basically completely in exchanges and I got to go with my former companion to do a bunch of baptismal interviews for him as well. One of the interviews was one of the most special of my mission. Before we said the first prayer she already started talking about how she had doubts about being baptized that Sunday. I asked her to say the first prayer and she finished crying and began to talk a lot about her doubts. All I really had to do was listen and once again I could see the spirit work within her as she talked and thought. She passed the interview with flying colors and was baptized this Sunday. 

Magazines and Desserts
With Elder Hunt - Vai Brazil!!
Saturday was crazy! Our zone is close to the mission office and they have a ton of left-over Magazines sitting around there and they don't know what to do with them. We decided to get the Zone together and all go to the same spot close to a bus station with lots of people and do a ton of contacts and hand them all out for free. The zone got super excited with the activity and we got a ton of referrals for our zone and for other areas in the mission.
We also organized a dessert contest in our ward Saturday night so that members could bring their friends and we could bring our investigators. We were kind of nervous because they forgot to announce it during Sacrament meeting and so we had to work hard for everyone to go but there was a great turnout and the non-members loved it. One of our investigators that was baptized Sunday has been nervous about having to change his group of friends with his baptism and left the activity talking a ton about how cool all the youth are there at church and wanting to participate in more activities including institute. 

With the Wagna Family
The family that I mentioned last week was baptized yesterday. It was so cool to see how their baptism has been a uniting thing for them. The ward has been great at integrating them as well. Sunday afternoon after their baptism a member called us asking for their address and went there without us to drop off a bunch of sunday clothes for them and talked to them to help them find work. They're a super fun family and a few of them are already talking about being missionaries!

Sorry for the long letter this week, I couldn't help but share having had so many cool experiences. 

Elder DP