Monday, June 1, 2015

We Broke the Transfer Streak!!!!

Transfer call number 16 is in and.... WE STAYED!!
For the first time in Brazil I will be staying with a companion for two transfers. Elder Caldas will be my last companion and I'll finish the mission in Brasilândia. It will be wierd to work as if it were a normal day on transfer day and not have to go to transfer meeting or wait for a new companion. We're excited.

This ward has baptized many people in the last two years but unfortunately many of these recent converts have fallen away from the church. This week we organized the list of recent converts and began the process of visiting each one, which will be a large task to say the least. We're planning a big group exchange with the ward to go out with 6 different companionships to go visit all these people all on the same day this month and so we're excited to go about that.
We already had some cool miracles with reactivation in this area. We baptized three young men whose sister was already baptized and she began to return to church and is preparing to go on a mission! We're excited about all the miracles that the Lord is performing here in our area.
Well yesterday I lost my daily planner and now I realize how lost I am without it because I feel like I don't remember anything that I did this week hahaha. I guess I really am getting old...
The church has a really cool biography for Elder L. Tom Perry who passed away this weekend. I recomend it to anybody that wants to be inspired: Elder Perry's Biography

Have another great week!

Elder Della-Piana

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